Nıdec (Shimpo) Çamur İşleme Nra 04
Nıdec (Shimpo) Çamur İşleme Nra 04

Nidec (Shimpo) Çamur İşleme Nra 04 (R6223)

Fiyat : 7.969,50€
Barkod : 8681910612655
    • Kapasite 400 Kg/Saat
    • Motor Gücü 200 W
    • Besleme 230 V
    • Helezon Devri 19 rpm/50 Hz
    • Çıkış çapı 90 mm
    • Helezon Sayısı 2
    • Ağırlık 65 Kg
    • Makine Ölçüsü 665*335*560 mm
    • Çamur Çıkış Tezgah Uzunluğu 360 mm
    • Helezon Gövdesi Alüminyum
    • Helezon Materyali Paslanmaz
    • 2 Yıl Garanti
    • CE Avrupa Standartlarına uygunluk Belgeli
    • Ürün teslimi 60 gündür.

The pugmill NRA-series (extruders) are remarkable because of their compact construction and noiselessness. All types are equipped with double-spirals. This increases the mixing-effect and makes the filling in of the clay easier. The case of the machines is out of rustless Aluminium-case-hardening (in the case of pugmill NRA 04S of high-grade steel). For cleaning purposes all extruders can easily be taken off. They are delivered including safety equipment and wheel-table. Pugmills are an important help when preparing masses. They homogenize and stabilize the masses to a cord. However, pugmills cannot extrude superfluous water from the masses.


Forceful Direct Gear Driven Motor Provides maximum mechanical force for blending requiring minimum operator effort
High Extruding Capacity Twin stainless steel mixing augers blend and extrude up to 620 lbs/hour
High Quality Wedging Function Newly designed twin augers, typically found only in large industrial machines, increase wedging capacity and produces practically air-free clay without a vacuum
Dual Safety System Safety limit switch automatically cuts power to pugmill when augers are exposed. Stop button allows for immediate operator control
Compact Design Removable aluminum or stainless steel case allows for easy access to mixing chamber for fast and easy clean-up and maintenance
Cut Off Wire & Clay Receiving Table With Rollers Allowing for easy bagging of extruded clay
Warranty 5-year


Motor ¼ HP, 200 W, 115 VAC, 60Hz, single Phase
Extruding Capacity 880 lbs./hour
Nozzle Diameter 3 ½ diameter
Hopper Size 3 ½ x 3 ½
Dimensions 25 ½" x 12" x 22 ½"
Weight NRA-04: 210 lbs. | NRA-04S: 232 lbs.



Main motor: 200 W, 50 Hz 
Connection: 230 V, 1-phasig 
*Power: 400 kg/h
Ø of the mouth-piece ( (mm): 90
Size of the filler-hole (mm): 135 x 133
Measurements LxBxH (mm): 1025 x 335 x 560 (including supporttable or wheel-table)
Material of the double-spiral: high grade steel
Material of the case: Aluminium cast
* The dates for the power given in the catalogue are theoretical dates. In practice half the power can be achieved.

Üretici Firm
Nidec / Shimpo
Kapasite ( Kg / Saat)
400 Kg / Saat
Motor Gücü
200 W
230 V
Helezon Devri
19 rpm /dk.
Helezon Sayısı
Çıkış Çapı
85 mm.
65 kg
Makina Ölçüsü
665*335*560 mm
Helezon Gövdesi
304 Kalite Paslanmaz
Helezon Materyali
304 Kalite Paslanmaz
Garanti Süresi
CE Belgesi
Türkiye Distribütörü
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