CY110 Iron Ore
CY110 Iron Ore

CY110 Iron Ore



Cooking Degree: 1020 – 1060
Surface : Matt
Type : Antique
Food Compliance : Suitable
It should be mixed well before application.
It should be applied 2-3 times while applying.
Always make sure one coat is dry before adding the next coat.
Colors can be used alone or layered on top of each other for creative possibilities.
Art glazes will look different depending on application thickness and firing temperature.

Packaging shape :  118 ml (4 oz)

Firing Temperature
1020 ~ 1080°C
Opaque Matte
Physical Condition
Artistik Renkler
Altyapı Uyumu
Using Type
Dipping Brush Airbrush
Gıda Uygunluğu
Gıdaya Uygun
118 ml.
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