Establishment : 1992

Becoming the Corporation : 1995

Covered Area : 3000 m²


Refsan has been Founded in 1992 in Kutahya province, started its activities, thanks to emerging

technologies and its progressive vision, it has been managed to become a world-class brand in Turkey.




Refsan has been exhibiting activities for 3 areas mainly :




1. Industrial Furnaces and Kilns : Refsan has been producing furnaces between 30°C – 1300°C temperatures for Tile, Ceramic,

Glass, Dross, Annealing, Thermal processing, Gilding, Decor, and Dental Prosthesis Industries.




2. Machines and Equipments for ceramic and Glass Industries : The machines using in Ceramic and Glass industries are being produced in REFSAN.




3. Ceramic Hobby and Craft Wares : Refsan has the largest showroom for ceramic hobby and craft tools, machines and rarw materials in Turkey.

Refsan has the largest showroom about ceramic hobby and craft tools,

machines and raw materials in Turkey. Refsan has been selling these materials in its showroom and in its online store.




REFSAN is the leader in its sector with its after-sales services as well as its consultancy and support

team that respond to customer demands instantly.



Our company, as well as the activities in Turkey, with its dealers abroad "Made in Turkey" continues

to provide transportation their products and services globally. As REFSAN family,

As REFSAN family, we realize that the main strength behind our success is experience and teamwork.

So we know that success is never a coincidence.



Refsan production facilities are established in 3000 m2 closed area and with 45 employees.

Refsan, also establishing Turkey's first and still the only ceramic materials and machinery markets in 2006

and continues its leadership in this area. Our know-how and our specialized team combine the

highest quality materials with the production and human resources available.




Our firm has established ceramic, tile, glass fusion and gilding workshops to almost all of the

universities, municipals, public education centers, rehab centers, and private schools. With the strength that we obtain from customers,

we continue these works. We are using special software for these design works,

with the help of it, we are creating the interior design of those workshops.

This makes us unique in the world.

With all of these, REFSAN continues the distributor of Japanese Nidec / Shimpo in Turkey for many

years, which has become a world brand in ceramic machines. Refsan sells those machines like

pottery wheels, slab rollers, pugmills, etc. as well as in its showroom and in its online store.