Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel
Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel

Nidec (Shimpo) RK 3D Pottery Wheel (R6225)

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Nidec Shimpo RK 3D Pottery Wheel

RK – 3D represents the new generation of pottery wheels. Precise, high torque, powerful and quiet at all speeds.
This potter's lathe is part of Shimpo's pottery lathes that are not only quiet but whisper quiet! You can hear yourself thinking while using a potter's lathe at the same time.
The RK-3D's exterior is compact and rugged, similar to the old compact RK-10 (the RK-10 is discontinued), but that's where the similarities end!
This new potter's lathe has a brushless DC motor and a direct drive (beltless) system.
The motor is electronically controlled and operated with a fixed foot pedal and hand lever.
It can turn left and right and the steel body is durable in all conditions.
This machine has a 300 mm turret head.



Brushless DC Motor Smooth, quiet, powerful, maintenance free
Electronic Controller Maintains desired speed under all load conditions
Wide Speed Range Provides optimum speed under all load conditions
Bidirectional Operation Left and right hand users can operate with the flick of a button
Built-in Cutter Motor is protected against overload
Fixed Foot Pedal with Hand Lever Adapts to both sitting and standing positions
Turnet can free spin at "0" RPM. Acts as a motorless turntable
HopperEasy to clean
Two Year Warranty These lathes are extremely reliable!

Model: RK – 3D
Motor Output: ½ HP, 400W
Motor Input: AC230/240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 7Amp
Drive System: Direct Drive DC Brushless Motor
Speed Control: Fixed Foot Pedal with Hand Lever
Wheel Speed: 0 – 250 rpm
Turnet Direction: Clockwise/Clockwise Switch is reversible
Centering Capacity: 45kg
Wheel: 30 cm (12 in) alloy casting.
Size: 525 mmx582x 515 (width height)
Weight: 45 kg (ship weight 55kg)
Package Dimensions : 76x52x57 cm (29.92 x 20.47 x 22.44 inch) - 52 kg (114.66 lb)



REFSAN is the Türkiye Distributor of Nidec Shimpo Pottery Lathes.


Without Pedestal
Without Pedestal
Motor Power
400 W. AC 230V 50Hz
Power Type
220 V (Single-Phase)
Outer Dimensions (WxDxH)
Tray Diameter
30 cm
Tray Material
Clay Carrying Capacity
40 Kg.
Rotation Direction
Each Two Direction
Tray Speed
0 - 250 rpm Speed Control
Foot Pedal
Foot Pedal Portability
Fixed on Side
Noise Level
30 db (Night Silence)
52 Kg
Packaged Weight
62 Kg.
CE Certification
2 Years
Distributor Warranty
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