Zinc Oxide
Zinc Oxide

Zinc Oxide (R6128)

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Zinc Oxide

Molecule Formula (Zinc Oxide): ZnO

Molecular Weight: 81.4 g/mol
Chemical Name: Zinc Oxide
CAS Number: 1314-13-2


Packaging: 100 gr (0,22 lb) - 1 kg (2,20 lb) - 25 kg (55,12 lb)



It is white in color and in powder form.
Its molecular weight is 81.4 and its melting temperature is 1800 °C.
It is hard, strong alkali and does not dissolve in acid. It is the basic raw material in all glazes.
It may dissolve more when used with alkalis.
It plays a role in increasing the shine of the glaze. It increases the elasticity of the glaze.
It increases the resistance of the glaze against chemical effects.
When the ratio is over 35%, leather crackle glazes are obtained.
If it is used in large amounts in high alkaline and leaded glazes, it turns the glaze back to transparent.
It lowers the viscosity.
When used at low rates, it gives shine like barium oxide and lead oxide, and makes opacity at high rates.

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