Seramiksır OPK 001 Kobalt Mavi
Seramiksır OPK 001 Kobalt Mavi

Seramiksır OPK 001 Cobalt Blue


Temperature range: 1030–1050 °C.
The recommended temperature is; It is 1040 °C.
It is shipped as liquid.
The opaque glaze group gives pastel tones due to the characteristic of the opaque glaze.
Suitable for contact with food.
Does not contain lead.
It is suitable for applicaation with a brush.
You can adjust the density by adding water in the airbrush or immersion method.
For these methods, the secrets submitted will be dense.
White ceramic clay is used in the product in the image.
For our customers who will use our glazes for the first time, we recommend making trial plates.
It will be important to see results in your own baking regimen and application.


Packaging shape: 1 kg (2,20 lbs)

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