Colored Glaze 6162 Dark Yellow
Colored Glaze 6162 Dark Yellow

Colored Glaze 6162 Dark Yellow


It is suitable for ceramic infrastructure.
It is suitable for use between 1040-1060 °C degrees.
It is ready to use in liquid form.


1. With compressor and airbrush (38 - 40 baume is recommended)
2. Immersion (40 - 42 baume is recommended)
3. Painting with a brush (It can be applied when it reduces the water on it and has a consistency that can be applied with a brush)
As the temperature rises, it gains a glassy and transparent appearance.

Advice : It dries in 3-4 seconds and adjustment can be difficult in the dipping method.
For such cases, it is recommended to add 1% cellulose into the glaze.


Packaging shape :200 ml ( 6,76 oz) - 250 ml (8,45 oz) -  1 kg (2,20 lbs) - 5 kg (11,02 lbs) 

Firing Temperature
1020 ~ 1080°C
Physical Condition
Düz Renkler
Altyapı Uyumu
Using Type
Dipping Brush Airbrush
Gıda Uygunluğu
Gıdaya Uygun
200 ml. 1 lt. 5 KG.
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