Brand : REFSAN
Price : $514.90  + VAT
Vat included : $607.59

Designer : REFSAN

Brand : REFSAN

The roller stops where it is and the table moves.

Width: 60 cm.  Length: 85... cm. (can be extended optionally.)

Opening mud plate up to 3 cm thickness can be done easily.

The feet are laser cut.

Chassis part is laser cut.

The table is wooden material that is not affected by water.

Feet can be removed during shipment. It can be desktop type. It is convenient to transport and easy to store.

A double layer of cloth must be used on the table. It should be between the mud cloth.

If the cloth is not used, it hardens by adhering to both the plate and the roller and damages the next product.
The rollers are serrated to facilitate the movement.

Chest Size: 90 * 95 * 28 cm.

There are 2 models. With wheels and without wheels (Rubber block).

2 Years Warranty.

CE document