Bomemeter (Glaze Density Meter)
Bomemeter (Glaze Density Meter)
Bomemeter (Glaze Density Meter)
Bomemeter (Glaze Density Meter)
Bomemeter (Glaze Density Meter)

Bomemeter (Glaze Density Meter) (R7301)

Brand : REFSAN
Price : 316,80TL(Vat included)
Barkod : 8681910624252
31,66TL With install ments starting from
Bomemeter (Glaze Density Meter)
0-70 Boume
Product Height: 28 cm.
It is used to measure the density of liquids.
The boommeter is a density measuring device that works on the principle of lifting liquids.
There is a weight at the bottom of the closed glass tube.
The mercury is slightly left in the liquid with the mercury side down.
By looking at which line the liquid surface comes to, it gives an idea about the density of that solution.
For example, Ceramic Glaze was thrown into it and it showed 58.
Water is added to the glaze, mixed and measured again.
Let's say the desired Bome is 40 Bome. Water is added up to this value.
The boommeter shows 0 in pure water.
If the boommeter to be placed in it tries to touch the bottom, some amount is taken into a tall vertical container.
Since it has a deep and thin structure, it is recommended to be used with a 250 mL measuring tape.
If it shows more than the value stated below, add water and mix it and check again.
For tile glass, this value should be 43- 44 bome for plate and tile type flat products, and 45 bome for vase style upright products.
In ceramic glazes, the bome should be 35 - 37.
Thanks to this value, it is possible to create a standard glass thickness.
Measure again after glazing 10 products. You may need to add water.
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