Bira Bardağı Seramik Bisküvi
Bira Bardağı Seramik Bisküvi



Height: 16 CM
Base Width : 10 CM
Mouth Width :7 CM
Handle Size : 8,5 X 4,5 CM
Volume : 730 ML


The product is in biscuit form and will be ready for use after glazing and firing.
The product is baked at 1050 °C and turned into biscuit.
You can use REFSAN Underglaze Ready Paints in both Tile and Ceramic biscuits.
Ceramic products should be glazed with ceramic glaze.
Ceramic glaze develops at approximately 1040 - 1060 °C. 
It can also be painted with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint process is not suitable for food contact.
Use protective varnish after acrylic painting.
Acrylic painting process does not require baking. 


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