Who Are We?

REFSAN, which started its operations in 1992, is an organization where industrial furnaces and ceramic glass sector machines are designed and manufactured.
Tunnel kiln, cup lathe, chamber type kilns, vacuum - non-vacuum sludge processing machines, drying ovens, mills, mixers, filter press, ram press...
Refsan is a leader in its field thanks to its after-sales services as well as its consultancy and support team that responds to customer demands immediately.

In addition to its activities in Turkey, Refsan continues to deliver and serve Turkish Made products all over the world with Refsan Georgia and REFSAN Holding B.V. in the Netherlands and its dealers in France, Russia, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Cyprus.

As REFSAN family, we are aware that the main power behind our success is experience and teamwork.

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That's why we know;
"Success is never a coincidence".

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REFSAN production facilities continue to work with a team of 90 people in total in two factories of 3000 square meters and 5400 square meters.

In 2006, REFSAN established Turkey's first ceramic machinery and material market and still maintains its leadership in this field.

We continue to provide service through our website where all products from A to Z are available for online sales.



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  and with the pride of producing all the equipment needed by the sector...

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"Experience has taught us the importance of details"

As REFSAN, our first sensitivity is customer satisfaction. All our steps in our global operations are in line with this sensitivity. Our customers are our raison d'être and the satisfaction we create is our greatest reward.

Our customers are our raison for existence and the satisfaction we create is our greatest reward.


As REFSAN, we owe our greatness to the quality of our sales points in the most important parts of the world. With every product
We strive to improve the quality of your business and always make you happy with our after-sales support. Because from our foundation to the future
We build the bridge that stretches across the bridge with your satisfaction.

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